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It's all in my head

Believe it or not, my head space can be messed up sometimes and I find that I doubt myself, simply because my efforts are sometimes hampered by negative thoughts. Very often, these thoughts linger around and changing this state of mind becomes imperative because life goes on and I have dreams to fulfill!

I am sure, some of you might find yourselves in that inevitable negative space now and again. Some, more than others. So I would like to share something very simple that may help:

Find a quiet spot and breathe....

If you can, find a quiet place. I know this might be tricky, as most of us have our little one's in our space during lockdown. Perhaps use this opportunity to teach them this technique too. Make your space comfortable and close your eyes. Try to breathe slowly, evenly and deeply. With every breath, release the tension in your muscles in every part of your body.

Become aware of the negative thought/s...

Once you feel relaxed, bring the negative thought that is bothering you into your awareness and repeat the thought in your mind and after each repetition say out loud, "stop!" or "no!". As an added benefit, think of why these negative thoughts are not true. Very often, we try focusing on the bad far more than we think about the good because inherently, we are constantly trying to evade the bad that might hit us, that the good things around us slips away and becomes an after thought.

Replace with positive statement

After this repeat-stop process and stopping that negative thought, replace it with a positive statement. Continuously practice this and 'thought-stopping' will become second nature. For example, "I am too shy and not confident to do this", possibly change that into, "I am confident and radiate confidence in everything I do"

Each time you catch yourself hearing the negative thought in your mind, say "stop" and replace it with a positive thought. Remember to be consistent in your practice. If you are in a space such as a business meeting, where you cannot say 'stop' out loud (we don't want people giving you the crazy glare lol), try imagining a red stop sign instead.

Remember, you are far more worthy than you realize. Your constant desire and pursuit towards living your best self proves that simple truth.

Let's move towards change...together

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