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I think….therefore I am

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

In the Name of Allāh, the most Beneficent, most Merciful

May He guide us….

I give my writing a great deal of thought. I don’t feel a willy-nilly expression of the self is wise. Thought is the driving force behind all action and speech. It is a thought that provides intention, and it is with sincere intention (good or bad), that coincides with action.

You see, my mind has been somewhat in a wild mess recently. Since the 30 day obligatory fast, that is. It was eloquently beautiful during those spiritually enlightened 30 days and for a while, I have been trying to figure out why. Why is it that articulation in thought has been failing me? The answer was in the condition of my spirit and in addition to that was what I was consuming my thoughts with. And, while in my quest for answers I have been enlightened to a new dimension of existence though: the power of thought and its intense purpose in life. Thought, creates a paradigm of happiness, contentment, sadness, despair, anger, etc. It can consume every part of who we are. What is truly magnificent, is that we have the ability to train our thinking positively or negatively.


There is a chain reaction that happens daily in our heads. Consumed very often with mundane “useless” things from the irritation of someone wearing shoes that we might not like, to the insane obsession with a pimple on someone’s nose. Sometimes, in our existence we lament over futile thoughts that bears little to no fruit. Our thoughts are everything. It steers us on a path of action that can be beneficial to who we are or make us think we are nothing at all.

An arrangement of thoughts shifts every gear into motion, it is this very congruent nature of thought and action that becomes vital to our role as Muslims. It often governs the words we speak, our emotions, our decisions, our interaction with others, our worship and even more so, our relationship and connection with Allāh. Our thoughts define the nature and condition of who we are in every moment of our lives and how we feel about others and ourselves. What we think about, and obsess about often becomes part of what we believe. So ask yourself, what are my beliefs? What pattern of thought have I had that makes me believe that? What led me to think of that? By doing so, perhaps it becomes easier to change our pattern of thinking through understanding where it came from in the first place.

I do understand that changing a cluster of thoughts can be somewhat overwhelming, if that is the case then start with a single thought. A single thought, single action or a single idea can make ripples in an ocean of dreams that may seem impossible and perhaps some of those ripples might stir the furthest part of those waters. One thought of Allāh in a time of failure or hopelessness can be uplifting to the spirit. One thought of happiness can brighten an unlit soul. Change a single thought every single day to one that brings hope and renewed faith and more so, surround yourself with positivity, and with inspiring and motivating individuals. Our environment and what we expose ourselves to, often plays a key role in our thought processes and who we are.

Start each day thanking Allāh verbally whilst contemplating the Greatness of Allāh. Think of at least 2 positive things in your life by saying it and concentrate on that thought and add one each day. In doing so, we start acknowledging the power of our thoughts and creating contentment in a heart that has perhaps felt alone and lost. The most powerful thought that drives all of our being as a Muslim is Lā ilāha illallāh (there is no god, but Allāh). Focus on that, say it, live it! Connect your heart to this thought and recite it whenever you can and ponder on the words. Words become futile with no understanding and means nothing to you. So Think! Reflect! and Act, and move towards change.

“…That is because Allāh would not change a favour which He had bestowed upon people until they change what is within themselves. And indeed, Allāh is Hearing and Knowing”

Surah al-Anfāl:53

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