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Dearest boss lady

I have to be honest. I have been trying to figure myself out during this evolutionary and challenging period. You would think, given my career and business, I would have it all sorted out. You would think I know exactly what and how, but this actually put a spanner in the works of my plan. One thing remained the same, nutrition is still a big yes. In business though, it is hard staying on top of my entrepreneurial game when I am paddling and kicking to stay afloat, and not sink.

My business is still so very young. I have been planning, nurturing, it started blossoming, and it was going to be amazing! Just saying that gives me goosebumps. Now, I find myself re-evaluating my entire structure. It takes a lot not to bundle up in a corner and just ball my eyes out. But, I show strength because it is expected. I am trying to keep my sanity, because it is expected. I am trying to remain calm, because it is expected. I have to stay relevant, because it is expected. Then there is trying to keep everyone positive around me because that is what is expected. It is tiring...

It is tiring trying be everything to everyone else. I know you get it, because dearest boss lady, some of you know exactly what I mean. You know the fight, because while you are holding up those boxing gloves, you have a household to see to, you have a family to cook for, you have laundry that needs to be washed, you have endless dishes, and then you have to run a school. On top of that, you have to be strong for your family, so that they remain hopeful, that everything will be okay. It will be okay though, because through all that I have said, I am sure about one thing, that each every one of us are survivors.

So, Dearest Boss Lady, it is not over. We still have a fighting chance… It is time that we evolve, get our creative juices flowing and re-structure, and for some to rebrand. For many this might seem like a daunting task, so if need be let’s connect and see how we can assist each other. I remain hopeful, and believe that everything happens for a reason. We need to change our perception and understand that we are resilient. You got this!


A Boss lady 😉

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