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Moving towards change...

Lockdown! I hate this word. It denotes such negativity. It traps our minds and seeps into our very existence. It welcomes this automatic notion of being caged. I try to avoid saying that I am in “L….” because I am not. I believe that at my very core that I am free. For this reason, the “L” word creates conflict inside of me because it simply is not true. The mere fact that I am still here with no shackles on my wrists and feet, is something that I celebrate. I am not in “L….” and neither are you.

Let's celebrate our existence and so far, our SURVIVAL

Every word we use has a dynamic impact on how we think, how we feel and affects how we live. Can we say evolutionary change? Or lifestyle adjustment? When we change the words we use, we change who we are and how we choose to exist.

Start changing the words and you change your circumstance and more importantly how you think. There is a beautiful Qur'anic verse that states that God will not change the condition of people, until they change what is within themselves. This verse carries so much weight in so many facets, but for now, understand the power of the statements you make. So let's start at beginning....with, “I Am…”. Write down everything you are, and do this by using both nouns and descriptions. Use only positive words and then confidently announce and affirm it to yourself on a daily basis. As you align your thinking to these words, your emotions and every part of who you are, your life will start re-aligning itself in the same way. The universe within you will start to shift bit by bit.

Living purposefully…

Love Z

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