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Life lesson from my garden #1

It starts with Allāh…

I suppose much can be read into this quote. For me, there is lesson in everything. Almost two years ago, I started a garden. When it was done, I stood on the outside quite proud of my labour and as time went by, it flourished. One of the plants was a granadilla creeper and in its first year, it yielded about 10 or so. Needless to say, I was chuffed. My first garden and I was reaping its rewards and benefits! This year, with a looming drought in Cape Town I felt little demotivated and I did not give my garden the necessary attention I used to. Many of my seasonal plants died, and I didn’t even bother to replant but despite the odds, my granadilla creeper flourished. It yielded far more than I can possibly count. After 3 wonderfully fruitful months, I started counting far less. I was still happy nonetheless because it was a great season! Reaching the end of its fruit bearing period, I started announcing that my granadilla plant is now down to the last few fruit with a grin on my face and that it’s all about waiting for the next season. I visited my little garden about 3 days later, and much to my surprise I see some more buds. I was stunned because more flowers meant more fruit. It just wasn’t done after all!

But, this served as a reminder! Despite everything, Allāh was always, is always and will always be in control! And with this drought we are experiencing in Cape Town, there is no better time to reminded of this very fact! This was my greatest lesson that day and while we are constantly aware of this truth, we very often need to be reminded thereof.

Sometimes, we plan and we go to great lengths to accomplish something and when it fails, it simply means that perhaps it just was not right condition for it to have been fruitful. Given time and consistent effort, we will see greater rewards. And even then, we have to acknowledge that through all this, we were and never will have complete control. This is the Divine decree!

All praise be to Allāh

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