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Counting your blessings

When going through challenges, it becomes incredibly easy to overlook the good things surrounding us. Having said that, I have been in that space a little while ago. As soon as Covid-19 hit us and our evolutionary journey began, I have been hustling. I needed to get those bills paid. I have yet to see financial rewards while trying to rebuild and push to get projects off the ground, but I will continue...

The things is, when going through all that effort and not seeing any pay off, one can easily become despondent. While going through all this, my confidence took a dive, and admittedly went through that pesky imposter syndrome and what got me through to the other side, was that moment when my 8 year old son says to me, "Mommy, I love you, because you teach me a lot". There was no monetary declaration of a toy he received, or looking for anything in return, but a single affirmation of the blessings he has. I may not be rolling in cash...yet lol, but I have that single moment and understanding that counting our blessings should be ever present in our lives to drive us towards optimism and contentment.

When I started counting my got better

Many families have fallen on hard times and things are not getting easier. When we go through these ever present challenges, it is not always easy to recognize the things in our lives we should be thankful for. So, let's do this together and walk side by side on a self-enriching journey of awareness. Here is a useful exercise to try in order to find your path towards contentment and optimism:

1. "What do I have to be thankful for?"

A relatively easy question, "What do I have to be Thankful for?" Start with some of the basics such as a roof over your head? food? family? pet? friends? Next list all your positive events, moments or goals that you have achieved or those times when someone was kind towards you

2. The walk around

Next day, walk around in your home to prompt you. Use all of your senses. For example, you might be grateful for a favourite song or the way your bed feels

3. Review

Look at your list and think of all the ways in which the items enrich your life. If you have a reason to be grateful to anyone, show your gratitude and appreciation. This can be an act of kindness

4. Consistency

At the end of every day, review your list of blessings, feel free to add more if you like and end your day on a contented note

Be consistent in your efforts. Any path that takes us towards greatness, comes with a certain amount of effort. Remember, one step at a time....

Have a beautifully BLESSED day...much love

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