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Change Your Personal Narrative

To be the best version of ourselves, there is one core underlying belief that needs to be developed in for any change or transformation to happen.

It is the belief that we are capable of change in thought, belief, and behaviours. If you don’t believe you can change, you won’t.

This innate belief allows one to surpass limited beliefs that hold us back. This limited way of thinking will continue one to remain with the same level of talent regardless of how much effort they put in. They believe that you either have it or you don’t. This limited thinking makes them spend a lot of effort trying to prove their abilities and intelligence. They want to look smart, so when they are great at something, then they stop doing it. As a result, they are always on this quest to prove that they are talented or intelligent, and fail to challenge themselves, try new things and therefore they never develop their potential.

To step out of this limited way of thinking, start seeing the world differently. Adopt the thinking that effort pays off and the more you put effort into something, whether it is practicing or learning, the better you become. Change your personal narrative by enjoying challenges and see them as an opportunity to learn something and expanding your mental boundaries. See failure as a learning experience and find joy in progress and learning.

On your journey of developing a growth mindset:

- Begin to develop an understanding of your locus of control: what you in control of and being accountable for your thoughts, decision making and actions

- Develop an awareness of your self-talk and what triggers your negative thought patterns

- Then, start seeing the world through a different lens aka perspective:

o You may not always be able to change what happens around you, but you always have a choice of how you respond, react, and how you view the situation.

 When you catch your fixed mindset persona with a limited

thought, ask yourself, what else might be going on here?

 What is a more realistic and optimistic way to look at this situation?

 What are the good aspects of this situation?

 How can I look at this differently?

- Next, begin to take action: For any change to be effective, you need to take action. Challenge your way of thinking about your experiences by following this line of questioning:

• What did you learn from the experience?

• What could you do differently next time or going forward?

• What would help you achieve this goal that you haven’t tried?

• What do you need to learn or what information do you need to


• What steps will you take?

- DON’T STOP THERE! List out the steps that you will take, and for each one, identify exactly WHEN you will do it. If anything on your list cannot happen within 1 week, save it for later and re-assess at the end of the week. For everything else, include when you will do it and what you need in order to do it. Lastly, take 5 minutes to visualize yourself taking each of these steps, as you imagine they will play out, including achieving the goal and outcome you are aiming for.

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