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A Seasonal Approach

On a recent journey of exploring wellness and holistic changes, I have come across a concept of eating according to the seasonal stage of our bodies. This approach left me somewhat intrigued and immediately triggered my own experiences in transformation and emotional transitions throughout the seasons of the year. I have always been an advocate that all things are integrated and everything that God created are connected. Making every living thing a building block of this complete construct of life.

The biggest lesson the seasons can teach us is the impermanence of life itself and of course reminding us of the stages of our life:

Spring – Where we begin, our birth;

Summer – Our vitality and youth;

Autumn – Wisdom and middle age and

Winter – Old age and the closing chapter of our lives

When we realise the rhythm of our bodies when these seasonal transitions happen, we develop a deeper sense of understanding of the self and how interconnected our personal growth is to every single living organism around us.

According to research our mood can change with the seasons, as well as metabolism (it’s easier to gain weight in the winter) and the activity of human genes also changes with the seasons, and so can the immune system activity. Further studies has also shown that humans also tend to perceive colour changes from summer to winter as well as changes in our mental and physical state. Paying attention to our personal changes we develop a deeper awareness. This level of awareness allows us to be more patient and being kinder to ourselves on our journey of learning, healing and discovery.

Adopting this seasons of growth approach we allow growth to happen without rushing and pushing, which normally would result in resistance to change. Adopting a seasons of growth approach also creates a deeper alignment of mind, body and soul. Through this mindful approach of paying attention to the shifts of our moods, physical changes and the mental processes, we are able to adapt easily and deal with challenges effectively. Remember that our growth is not linear but an expansion of energy that folds and flows in the spaces above, below, beside and behind us. Just as a plant expands from a seed, root, stem and then leaves expanding in all directions, so too do we grow into the spaces around us. When we allow our natural processes to flow and expand with the seasons we also open ourselves to accept inevitable changes within and around us, without becoming attached to any state of being and aligning with and embracing the cycles of nature.

On further introspection of my own seasonal transitions (which may not be the same for everyone), I have found myself rather unconsciously preparing for winter. In retrospect, winter and spring has always been seasons I have most attached to and look forward to. Perhaps it seems I have concluded my personal associations to these seasons as reflection, shedding and then coming into being once again. If you would like to adopt this approach, here is a guide on how you can use the seasons to navigate your goals and growth:


•Associated with depth, intuition, rejuvenation

•Use this season for rest, prepare and learn

•Use this time to plan and learn the tools that you may need for goals that lie ahead


•Associated with growth, and play

•Begin to act on your plans and grab opportunities to make new connections

•Take massive action


•Associated with expression and abundance

•Time to nourish and protect your efforts.

•Work in consistency, habits and motivate yourself daily


•Associate with wisdom, reflection, letting go and gathering

•Time to reap your successes and failures

•Celebrate your wins, and accept your disappointments

•Reflect on actions and where to improve

Pay attention to your personal shifts and perhaps reflect on your personal associations that you have attached to the seasons in the past and your temperament during each season. Once you have established that, then revisit how you can use the seasons to navigate your productivity and goals you would like to achieve.

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