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Drawing Inward

  • 20Weeks
  • 63Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


An interactive one-on-one online Coaching course that provides an intentional and outcome based step-by-step transformational coaching to help the participant in shifting mindsets, emotional awareness as well as mental well-being, using creative activities, art and journaling. This course is for anyone: - Seeking to develop self-awareness, self-exploration - Seeking a creative outlet to learn how to think more positively - How to deal with overwhelming emotions - Wants to achieve mental well-being and wellness - Learn basic art principles Participant will: 1. Receive a guided coaching process on a journey of self-exploration through weekly one-on-one online sessions 2. Understand a simple process of emotional decluttering, dealing with overwhelming emotions, emotional awareness and triggers. 3. Learn how to gain clarity on who they are, changing negative thought patterns and limited beliefs 4. Discover your purpose and spiritual self 6. Mindfulness exercises and weekly introspective tasks 7. Learn the art of manifestation and visualization 8. Develop mental wellness 9. Using concepts of neuro-art for reaching goals What you receive: - Weekly One-on-One Online Coaching via Zoom and if unable to attend - Art exercises - Easily accessible and view on the Wix App

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R 3 000,00


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