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Past Teachings, New Beginnings

I have seen so many posts reflecting on Covid-19 2020, and needless to say I will touch on it too. It has been the biggest challenge we have experienced globally, but being a glass half full kind of person, I have to look at what I have learnt during this trying time and it is three pertinent points:

1. Our perspective plays an insurmountable role on how we view things which affects our way forward and handle the challenges we are faced with daily.

2. We have overcome, and despite the challenges, we survived! We are living in the understanding of the importance of nurturing our existence to face another day towards enlightenment, positivity and growth.

3. And third? Understanding the importance of connection, building a community and that we do not stand in isolation from any living thing.

My goal this year is remembering the losses by celebrating the lessons and impact of the people that we have lost have made, and assimilating it by facilitating change in mind, heart, action and ultimately achieving results.

2020 was no doubt an evolutionary change and the realization that for any form of success, we need to lean into each other to surpass and excel. We cannot live in the denial that we have shifted towards a new age of understanding of the importance of relationships and emotional intimacy. If anything, I have learnt more about my household during this time than I have in the years before this. We have finally begun to understand the value of human life. If anything, THIS should be celebrated!

Through these lessons, we will be focusing on CONNECTION and TRANSFORMATION by teaching the fundamental understanding of the relationship between our minds, emotions, action, obtaining results and of course how this is translated in the connections we make with others.

This year, our objective is to impart teachings on how to deal with:

· Emotional overwhelm

· Shifting your mind into new gears,

· Develop tools to cope,

· Improve your mental wellness

· And of course building your connections, by concentrating on the relationships we build each and every single day

In addition to this, we are introducing our new art therapy packages. Our very first introductory event will be hosted on the 9th January 2021. We are also launching two packages which commences in February 2021, and will be up on our site from the 11th January for booking and for more information.

We are truly excited to walk this year alongside you and for many more years to come. Let’s OVERCOME and move into the consistent flow of change and transformation.

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